How it Works


The Doordefender is a sturdy, lightweight and removable car door protector designed to fit any vehicle. Using high intensity magnets, it easily secures to most vehicles doors and defends against dents, dings, scuffs - even in snow, sleet or rain. To provide complete peace of mind, the Doordefender® has a security tether to deter theft when parked. When the Doordefender® is not in use, it conveniently stores in your trunk.

removable car door protector


removable car door protector

Step 1 - Open vehicle door and place security tether on seat
Step 2 - Close vehicle door
Step 3 - Separate Doordefender® and place below door handles


Unlock vehicle, take hold of Doordefender® and roll towards you until magnets are free from door. Remove the security tether, close the vehicle door and store Doordefender® in trunk.

Installation video

Garage Installation

Step 1 - Park car in garage in usual spot
Step 2 - Open door and mark spot where your door touches the wall.
Step 3 - Secure the garage-defender to the wall using 1x8 wood screw so the mark is in the middle of the bumper