Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Afford Car Door Dings and Dents?

Repairing dents, dings & scuffs in your vehicle’s paint can cost anywhere from $200 to upwards of $1000. If not tended to these can result in a lower resale value for your vehicle as well.

A pair of Doordefender® units costs significantly less than fixing even one minor dent. It is portable, takes only seconds to install, and will protect your vehicle's doors while parked, even in your own garage. 

Will It Scratch My Car Door?

In a word, no.

Since the goal is to protect your car door from paint scratches & paint chips, we had to ensure it did not add scratches when you used it on a regular basis. Doordefender® has a soft felt scratch proof pad sewn to the underside of to prevent the possibility of scratching. Don't worry though the magnetic field is still strong enough to hold your Doordefender® on your door securely through the felt barrier.

Will It Get Stolen?

The Doordefender® has been designed with security in mind. Manufactured with a sever resistant aircraft grade wire cable and secure tether system, it can stand up to most attempts of theft. The tether's end is made from a high density rubber material that will not damage the vehicle's body panels (should it come in contact with the outside of the vehicle) yet is resilient enough to withstand a potential theft.

How Strong Are the Magnets?

The magnets are high intensity earth magnets designed for three times the holding capacity required.