Prevent Car Door Dents and Dings with the DoorDefender®



Original Door Protector


Protect Your Car and Vehicle Doors from Dents and Dings with the DoorDefender®

DoorDefender® car door guards work to protect your hard earned investment. Their unique and patented design (magnetic car door protector) allows for a wide range of versatility and easy usability that will make it simple to protect your vehicle's doors, bumpers, fenders, trunks, and roofs from dents, dings, scratches, and scrapes!

Prevent Car and Vehicle Door Dents and Dings with the DoorDefender®

Don't become a victim of parking lot door damage. Prevent unwanted door dent removal, ding repairs, and paint touch-ups by investing in the original car and vehicle door protector, the DoorDefender®! Each of the DoorDefender® products will prevent damage often caused in parking lots by careless vehicle owners, or accidental door on door contact.

Choose the Original Car Door Protection Product, The DoorDefender®

Established in 1996, the DoorDefender® is the original car door protection product. Better than door edge guards, more versitile than the competition, and colour matched to your vehicle - the DoorDefender® is the only way to prevent car door damage. Don't risk unwanted dents and dings, get the original car door protector!